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21 Mar

ROMANIA wins TOP MODEL of the WORLD 2011

The Top Model of the World is an international search for the ultimate model. The sought-after characteristics are: independence, talent and fashion consciousness. The event started in 1993 in Miami, organised by the Globana Group, now it is owned by World Beauty Organization.

Willemstad International Beauties “WIB” and Willemstad International Models “WIM”, will also have the opportunity to send its first delegate to Top Model of the World in 2012. After our first national event takes place in July 2011.

The franchise holder in Curaçao until now is Mr. Henny Reinilla.

Loredana Salanta, 18, from Romania was named the new Top Model of the World after a 3 hour Gala Show.

The 18th edition with 44 delegates from 42 nations took place March 16, 2011 in a 3 hours spectacular show on the island of Usedom, Germany. The 1st Runner-up was the Model from Latvia, representing Baltic Sea; the 2nd Runner-up was the Top Model from Zimbabwe. An international panel of judges among them Susanne Philipps from the “Allstar” – Model Agency (Cape Town, Cologne, LA) and Soullegend Keith Tynes (former member of the legendary “The Platters”) had no other option but to crown Top Model Romania – Loredana Salanta as our new Top Model of the World 2010 winner.

Loredana showed from the beginning a very natural confidence, strong and healthy sense of self, natural beauty and comfort in her skin, and that’s what WBO were looking for, our pageant represents a sexy, stylish, spirited, and independent woman. “Loredana fits this description and has the right values to be a role model for other young people.” says WBO President Luis Pitti Sagrera after beeing informed about the results.

The 18 year student was very modest about her win and worked the room afterwards, mingling with guests and snapping photos for the media.

All Models have been accomodated in spacious Suites at the 5 Star Golf-and Wellnesshotel “Balmer See” in Usedom. During our stay in Germany all Models visited various cities such as Nuernberg, Cologne, Leipzig and Berlin.

Loredana will now enjoy during her year exiting trips and invitations as well as a professional management by the WBO Organization.

WBO started already the planing for the 19th Top Model of the World

The results are TOP 15:

1. Top Model of the World – Romania – Loredana Saltana

2. Baltic Sea – Katerina Fedosejeva

3. Zimbabwe – Vanessa Sibanda

4. Poland – Zusanna Brzezinska

5. Algeria – Yasmine Ouchene


6. Honduras- Marilyn Medina

7. Canada – Denise Garrido

8. El Salvado – Anita Puertas

9. Colombia – Lizeth Romero

10.Brazil – Juliete Beraldo de Pieri

11.Ukraine – Diana Loboda

12 Spain Eva Rodriguez Quiroga

13.San Andres Island – Rosa Cordoba

14.China – Xiong Ziyi

15.India – Michelle Almeida

Subtitles and Model Awards:

SENSES Model Award – India, Michelle Almeida

forwarded by Senses Magazin Editor

Photogenic Award – Canada, Denise Garrido

Best Body Award – Juliete Beraldo de Pieri

Best Evening Gown Award – Poland, Zuzsanna Brzezinska

Friendship Award – Bolivia, Alejandra Panonzo Muguertegui

Queen of Europe – Ukraine, Diana Loboda

forwarded to the best european Model in the category fashion and style

MISS GLOBE – Brazil, Juliete Beraldo de Pieri

forwarded to the Model with best feauture to be a Miss

provided by WENSHOW™ www.wen-show.com

courtesy of Top Model of the World

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